To help celebrate the 100th issue of Cornwall Living, we've teamed up with the Little Gin Shackin Wadebridge, to create the ultimate Cornish subscription package, that not only delivers you 13 issues of Cornwall Living, but also gives you a subscription for 8 issues of DRIFT journalFREE GIN AND 2 DARTINGTON CRYSTAL GIN GLASSES plus a saving of £75.85p.  

£100 gives you the best of Cornwall for a year and includes.... 

  • 13 issues of Cornwall Living (that's one every four weeks) worth £51.35p - see online here

  • 8 issues of DRIFT; the pinnacle of luxury lifestyle in Cornwall worth £80.00p - see online here

  • 1 issue of the Dogs Love Cornwall Guide worth £3.00p - see online here

  • 1 issue of the Cornwall Living Christmas Gift Guide worth £3.00p - see online here

  • 2 Dartington Crystal Gin Glasses worth £20.00p - see online here

  • 1 Little Gin Shack Gift Box including four artisan Cornish gins worth £24.50p - see online here

Some important information....​

This special offer is available while stocks last, however should there be a shortage of the specific gins, or the glasses are all suddenly gone, fear not, we will contact you to offer you a similar, and to the same value gift, and if you decide that's not what you want... fear not, we'll simply refund you. Easy as that!