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We’re excited to announce the Cornwall Living Advent Calendar! Launching on 1st December 2023 and running for 12 days, we’ll unveil an exciting daily prize behind the calendar doors below from one of our wonderful partner businesses. Who knows, there might even be a Cornish stay up for grabs… 


We’ll be unveiling a prize each day across our channels, so if you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe and follow us, keep your eyes peeled, and be quick! The winners will be drawn at random after 13th December 2023. 

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Door 2_2023 CL Advent (with border).png
Day 2_Button for hover.png
Door 3_2023 CL Advent (with border).png
Day 3_Button for hover.png
Door 4_2023 CL Advent (with border).png
Door 5_2023 CL Advent (with border).png
Door 6_2023 CL Advent (with borders).png
Door 7_2023 CL Advent (with borders).png
Cornwall Living.png
Door 10_2023 CL Advent (with borders).png
Rooted Ocean.png
Door 8_2023 CL Advent (with borders).png
The Point.png
Door 11_2023 CL Advent (with borders).png
Old Lanwarnick.png
Door 9_2023 CL Advent (with borders).png
Day 9_Button for hover.png
Door 12_2023 CL Advent (with borders).png
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