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5 Reasons why print media has a great return on investment

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Print is so often overlooked now in the digital world. So many brands are just using social media and online tools in order to reach their audience. While of course this is an important part of any brands strategy, print media should also be a consideration for any successful campaign. So why can a more traditional approach be more effective? Here's five reasons why print media has a great return on investment.

Print has a longer lifetime than digital media

Digital advertisements are, of course, an effective and important means of promoting your brand, but after a week of running them to your audience they may lose traction, with the amount of online content that’s out there. Print media, meanwhile, tends to last a lot longer in the eyes of your audience. Holding a physical leaflet, magazine or flyer is a more visceral experience and therefore has a much greater impact on whoever picks it up. It’s often something that will be distributed by the reader, too (picking it up in one location and dropping it at another) which is a real selling point when it comes to longevity and audience reach.

You have more control

More control over your content is key to establishing your brand and increasing brand awareness. Unlike the limitations posed by particular social sites, with print the possibilities are endless. What size would you like your print to be? What kind of design do you have in mind? Would you like a folding leaflet, double sided, or single leaf? The choice is entirely yours.

Establishing a reputation within your target audience

Print media can quickly help a business gain a reputation as a legitimate organisation. If a potential customer or client can physically hold and flick though a professionally produced leaflet or magazine, they are far more likely to associate that same level of professionalism with your brand and with the products and services you offer. This is especially true when your distribution is targeted to a specific location or area. With several runs of leaflets to a targeted area, for example, you can really start to establish your brand with your chosen audience.

Set yourself apart

With everyone advertising online, print, although more traditional, has actually become quite a unique way of selling your brand. Social media marketing has become the norm and although it may be an important part of any brand’s marketing strategy, by working with print, you can reach an audience that other companies may be overlooking.

Links to your own personal webpage through QR codes

QR codes are a fantastic way to get your print reader to interact with your content and guide them towards your brand’s website, blog or socials. There are many great ways to integrate QR codes into your marketing model, and Diid is a fantastic place to get started.

To find out more about how print can help you reach your audience and develop your brands reputation contact us:

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